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First wee​k in Hooli

The first week of internship in Hooli Homes Boston is an adaptation period. Mainly understand the background, products, development direction of some companies. In addition, try to communicate more with colleagues, and learn a lot from the conversation. My colleagues are very enthusiastic and take care of me. I often take the initiative to lend a helping hand when I encounter difficulties. I am very touched.

A few days later, I started to do some business-related activities under the same gang, mainly to help me with simple things. That is to lay the foundation. Don’t underestimate these activities. Although simple, they are all negligent. Everything is crucial because they are all interlocking. In order to ensure the success of the last step, the basics of each step must be laid.

In order to be able to really learn the knowledge, I am very strict in asking myself to do everything. Even if it is simple, I will seriously consider it several times. Therefore, although it is not fast, it can guarantee the satisfaction of colleagues. . Colleagues usually don’t rush, they arrange the tasks, and then hand them over to me, and they also provide some help from time to time. When you get used to it, you will become more and more comfortable.

The first week of internship, I can simply sum up a few words, that is: look more, ask more, observe more, think more! I believe that I will do better in the rest of the time and I hope I can make the deal independently in following months.