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Corporate Culture

This is my first time to be working in an American company. Although most of my colleagues and even my boss is still from China, we work in an American habit. I had internships in the past in Shanghai, China. That was a very different experience for me, at least in terms of corporate culture. I want to share my stories on that.

Last summer, I was working for a large multinational company in the automobile industry. It was a very traditional industry. Especially as a company in China with such a big scale, everything was very bureaucratic. Everything needs to be going through a process of documentation and there are many strict policies. In my point of view, some of them are even a little stubborn. What I felt not comfortable is that the employees in the company do not care about the benefits of the corporate to the best of anything. They would use some of the corporate funds which are planned for public relations or serving clients for their own use – buying snacks, for instance. That is very sad because, if the employees do not care about the company, there will not be sustainable and healthy growth for the corporate.

For the experience that I am currently working at the American company, it is a completely different story. Although we are just interns, the supervisors allow us to participate in many important companies. We would discuss together about corporate strategies. For example, we are trying to enter some new markets. We would brainstorm together to think of creative ways to do it and they would take our thoughts and put into actions. It is very democratic and we have very good relationships. The working environment is pretty free but still make you want to devote your time and efforts into the work.

So far, I feel very glad to work here!