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I always wondered what changes should I made if I restart my job again.

I must have a detailed understanding of each department’s functions, responsible person, and personnel composition in Hooli Home Inc. As a sale person, I should understand each colleague’s hobbies, personalities, preferences, etc. In this way, I can position myself accurately in this company or this department. Self-realization helps me to integrate into this new environment quickly. The difference between real estate sales and other industry sales is that the relationship between colleagues will directly affect my promotion opportunities and even sales performance.

Since the working environment is different from school, I cannot expect my colleagues to help me through my daily task consistently. Regardless of my inner feelings, I must show a positive, energetic, generous, clean and concise side of myself. I must also use my outgoing side to influence others so that others will appreciate me and recognize me.

I should not doubt myself, blame others or luck when I am not doing well. As an employee, I should maintain a professional and avoid mood swings. I must acknowledge that my colleagues are standing on the same platform as me. So when others’ performance surpassed me, I should understand their working ethics and experience is better than mine.

When I start making sales and have excellent performance, I should learn to share my work experience with colleagues without being arrogant to preach, but with a patient mood. This way, I will sometimes receive expertise from other colleagues, which can be very helpful to me and further my progress in sales.