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Excel in Fashion? Never Heard of Her

This past semester, I took Modeling with Excel to improve my Excel skills for my future in the business world and as a resume booster. Little did I know that some of the tools I learned in this course would come in handy pretty quickly when I least expected it. Excel isn’t often thought associated with fashion, but more with the financial world, so who would’ve thought that I would be using VLOOKUP’s and macros while working at a fashion startup. Just like other businesses, KULE needs to organize its data for internal operations. This past week I worked in Excel to analyze customer sales this past quarter as well as organize data on retailers KULE sells to. Not only have I been working in Excel, but I have been learning the back end of Shopify. I am updating orders, editing product descriptions, and uploading new pictures from KULE’s recent photoshoot to show the models wearing the products on their website.  

Taking Modeling in Excel was helpful when being assigned a project at work. I was able to understand what was being asked and apply the tools I learned to complete the task. Without taking this class, I would’ve been overwhelmed by the thousands of rows of data on the sheet I was given at my internship, but fortunately I was able to complete this task quicker than my boss had expected due to my familiarity with the functions in Excel. One of the Excel documents I had worked on this past week was actually sent to KULE’s accountant who complimented me on my formulas and clear organization of the data!