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5 tips on how to work with other interns in a small office -Investment Banking M&A

I’m currently working at small office in Istanbul and I was the only intern for awhile. I started working with another intern last week, and it’s has benefits as well as negative parts. The first tip is get ready to teach things that you were taught few weeks ago. If there are any documents such as slides or excel sheet review them before the new intern comes. Being able to explain the work you do to someone knew shows you truly put effort in your work, and helps you to show yourself as hardworking and genuine to your coworkers. The second tip is always offer help, but never do the full job. This will help you both since the new person will be learning and you won’t end up doing your tasks late. The third tip is being friendly and outgoing, if the new person seems social invite them for lunch or coffee; it’s a nice chance for you share your new favorite restaurant in the area. The fourth tip is always add them on LinkedIn because you never know who do you know in common or maybe they might connect you with someone you have been looking to meet, but needed an introduction. The fifth and final tip is try to have fun and make friends, your internship shouldn’t be work only because you keep learning from people around you.