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What to Expect From Working at a Start-Up

This summer, I have the unique opportunity of working for a start-up that is only just now beginning to scale up its operations into nationwide retail stores. Tru, Inc. produces all-natural functional drink supplements, assisting with areas such as energy, focus, sleep, and more. With the desires of the company aimed at scaling up and gaining more product awareness, it crucial to learn how to adapt in an ever-changing work environment.

              Here is some insider knowledge on working at a fast-paced work environment that is typical of start-ups:

  1. Your tasks will always change based on need

At a start-up, you are looking to benefit the business in any way possible, whether it be helping in the sales end, marketing to potential sponsors, or shipping. Be prepared to have a day that is unbound by timetables and structure- your goal is to better the business here and now.

2. Get comfortable with the unusual

What if I told you that my office is located in the basement of a jiu-jitsu facility? It’s a unique experience, for sure, however with the majority of our sales being online, it is important to cut costs where needed. This environment is buzzing with the start-up passion, and it definitely helps to build our story when pitching to sponsors and investors.  

3. You will be relied on heavily- and that’s a good thing!

Many interns are plagued with the dread of having a potentially unfulfilling summer doing the tedious tasks that nobody else wants to do. At a start-up, however, that is rarely the case. I have already been put on as the head of my own project and am frequently called upon to take important calls with sponsors and manage different communication platforms.

4. You will learn all aspects of the business

As mentioned above, your tasks will always fluctuate depending on the business’s current needs and goals. These changes will create invaluable learning opportunities to see all ends and functions of a business.

              Adaptability is key when working at a start-up, and by keeping the above thoughts in mind, you will learn to appreciate the unique experience that comes with it. I know that I am!