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How to: Stand Out During Your Internship

Starting an internship for a company especially far away from home can be nerve-wracking and stressful. We all want to stand out and impress our co-workers and supervisors in the short time we have at our companies. These are some tips I have applied throughout my time at The Executive Centre so far.

  1. Research company prior. Before even stepping into the office, it is vital that you are as educated as you can be about the company you will be working for and the industry in general. Prior to my first day, I spent some time looking at the general information about the company such as size, work culture, what they stand for and even doing some research about their competitors.  Not only will everyone around you be impressed with your knowledge but you will immediately be able to start brainstorming ideas and thinking outside of the box the moment you are assigned a project. This simple tip is always overlooked but it is such an easy way to show the new company that you truly care.
  1. Dress to Impress. Picking the perfect outfit especially for the first day can be puzzling but my number one piece of advice I stick by is it is best to always be overdressed than underdressed. Never be afraid to add the tie or throw on a pair of heels.
  1. Get to know everyone in the company. Your internship might only require you to speak to your mentors and supervisors. It is important to take the time and get to know other co-workers in other departments. You never know what you can learn from them and the valuable connection you may create for the future. This can simply be done by asking them to get lunch together or striking up a conversation in the breakout area.
  1. Attend company events. Most of the time when the workday is finished, all we want to do is head home and relax. My advice is to change up your routine once in a while and get more involved by attending any events the company offers. So far I have attended a LinkedIn workshop and a product launch party. This was a wonderful opportunity to meet more people in the company and better my online professional platform.

Making a good impression is simple but will take away all of the nerves about the new environment you are in this summer. Good luck everybody!