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You know your goals? Now share them

Often times, I have heard people say “move in silence” or “do not share your goals” for various reasons such as so no one will know if they are not able to achieve their goals. However, I think sharing our goals may create a link between us and someone who can help us achieve your goals. I have been able to secure an internship at the Ministry of Food and Agriculture in Ghana and when I communicated with my supervisor, I let him know my goals. This changed the entire course of our conversation and led me down the path of a more fulfilling internship. He realized that though I could achieve my goals while at the ministry, I would have a more satisfying result if I were to work in the private sector. Thus, he forwarded me to a company called Kosmos Energy which is primarily concerned with oil mining. Aside from focusing on oil mining, they have the Kosmos Innovation Center, a corporate social responsibility which focuses on giving rising entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector a chance to work on their business ideas with expertise and resources at their disposal. I then started communicating with the supervisor of the Kosmos Innovation Center Program and he informed me about the eleven teams in the program. After that he listened to my goals, my interests and why I want to study Agricultural and Business Management. The information he gathered as he spoke to me allowed him to place me with a team names TechShelta which I also feel is a perfect fit for me. This process which I went through further showed me the importance of pivoting because it helps to achieve our ultimate goals. If I had not shared my goals for the fear of failing, I would have hindered my chance to maximize my internship time and now, I have a chance to experience both the public and private sectors of Agriculture in Ghana.