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Attacking Your Internship

You apply online, go through the interview process, receive your acceptance letter, and feel on top of the world. You book your housing, find a roommate, and are ecstatic to begin your internship. Only you are not alone. The other interns in your class from Wharton, Cornell, and Michigan are all gearing up for the same opportunity and ready to perform. As much as an internship is sold as a group experience, it is an environment to compete. Target school names no longer hold the weight as they did through the interviewing process. Day one is a clean slate for everyone and an opportunity to showcase yourself in a corporate world environment. Employers are always surveying to see who is going the extra mile and is hungry to learn. The average comes out of their internship content having learned superficial information and getting to place a big name on their resume. To truly succeed, you must fight for opportunities each day, expand your network, and compete to be the best intern in your class. Coming out of your internship with this mentality will leave you with either a return offer or a portfolio of experiences to speak upon in future interviews. Take advantage of an outstanding learning experience to absorb information and better yourself professionally; make every day count.