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Reflecting on your education abroad/away experience

Congratulations! You just completed a successful program abroad or away, where you gained new insights, skills, experiences and perspectives.  Employers are hungry for globally-minded talent, but it’s up to you to demonstrate how  your time away sets you apart by emphasizing these new skills and reflecting on your experiences. As you move forward with your internship and job search, below are three tips to consider:

1. What transferable skills did you  acquire or enhance while abroad/away?

●   Critical thinking/problem solving

●   Oral/written communications

●   Global/multi-cultural fluency

●   Adaptability

●   Independence and self-awareness

Please click here to read more about the 8 essential competencies per the  National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

2. Where and when to market your international experience?

●  Resume – list your study abroad experience in the Education Section

●  Cover Letter – Highlight relevant skills that prove your interest and qualifications for the job you to which you applied

●  Linked In Profile – This is a great place to showcase your new skills and experiences to recruiters.

●  Interview – Tell a story that demonstrates what you have learned abroad and how it adds value to the employer

3. How to develop an international career while at school?

●  Meet with a career advisor at the Undergraduate Center for Career Development to develop stories about your study abroad/away experience

●  Craft your skill set for the international market (If you can, learn the native language of your desired country)

●  Create and maintain a global network thorough Babson’s international students, faculty and alumni resources

●  Intern or volunteer on or off campus in your field while studying abroad/away

● Consider to go abroad again via Babson sponsored programs and other institutions

The best way to tell a good education abroad story to your future employer is to practice. When your parents, friends, and faculty ask you about your experience, it’s your chance to practice. Instead of saying “awesome”, you can say:

“I had a great time in XYZ University in China during the last 3 months. I learned a lot about their culture and religion when I visited the Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven in Beijing. I was also able to speak to the Tibetan Budhhist in the Lama Temple. That was quite a spiritual experience!  Working with the students and professors in the university on business cases  helped me to be aware of the difference in their business culture. For the first time I realized that even seatings in a meeting or banquet has special meanings in their business environment. Coming back to the United States, I have developed a strong interest in  the global economy and have become more aware of different cultures. I would like to seek more opportunities for an international career after graduation.”

For more details, the Glavin Office and the Undergraduate Center for Career Development (CCD) has developed a fun video to give more detailed examples on the above tips. Please click here to watch.

Additionally, you are invited to participate in a video competition. The winner will get a swag bag and becomes the ambassador of the Education Abroad/Away programs.

The short Video shall include:

1)  Your Name, Class Year and the Education Abroad/Away Program you completed

2) A  reflection on your experiences during the Education Abroad/Away program, for example

  • What experiences would you want to highlight? Anything that surprised you on either the upside or the downside?
  • What skills have you learned or enhanced while you are there?
  • How have you updated your resume and cover letter?
  • Who has impressed you the most and how do you stay in touch?

To participate, just simply to follow up the three simple steps:

1) Post a private or public video on YouTube using #babsonabroad, #babsoncareer, AND #babsonglavinoffice

2) Submit the 30-second video link here

3) The deadline is Thursday Friday 8/8/2019