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Following my Dreams in Hong Kong

With a huge passion for new cultures, traveling, and international business, I knew I wanted an internship abroad. I am originally from Bulgaria but moved to the United States at the age of eight to pursue a better education with endless opportunities for my future. I am so proud to say that this summer, I will be interning for The Executive Centre all the way in Hong Kong! Exploring Asia and its booming business world has always been a dream of mine and I could not be happier to be offered this opportunity. The Executive Centre is a company that provides private workplaces, shared workspaces and business services to companies in Asia, Australia and now Dubai. My role as an intern for TEC will be to work on several different research projects in one of their key business areas throughout my eight weeks with them.

On my first day, all of the projects were explained to the eight interns and then we had to rank the projects based on our main interests and strengths. I was assigned to my number one choice and was partnered with another intern. Our goal in the next two weeks is to brainstorm and present innovative ways to increase social media engagement with LinkedIn and Instagram internally and with TEC’s customers. In a week and a half, we will be presenting our ideas to senior management and the team decides whether or not to implement them in their business strategy. What I love about this company so far is that every employee is willing to help and wants to get to know the interns. If we have a question or feel lost, we can simply turn around and ask or even walk into the CEO’s office and see his thoughts. It is incredible that we will able to see our ideas make a difference in the company before our eyes. I cannot wait to soak in all of the knowledge from this incredible internship and apply it to my classes at Babson and my future career.