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The A-Z of Tips and Bits

I have the privilege to intern with the American Heart Association in Denver this summer. Below, I have compiled an A-Z list of what the AHA does, some tips to future interns, and some personal notes. Enjoy!

American Heart Association (AHA); The non-profit I’ll be interning at this summer. 

Billion. The AHA has funded more than $4.3 billion in research grants from 1949-2017.

Colorado. This will be the first summer I’ll be spending in Colorado since my family moved here. Work-life balance is important to find, and there sure is a lot of activities outside of the office to do here. 

Denver. The Mile High City where I’ll be located this summer while with the AHA. Their primary offices are in Dallas, Texas.

Eighty percent of strokes are preventable through a healthy lifestyle and proper diet. 

Financial. Let’s not lie and say that money doesn’t impact decisions. Be smart with your financial decisions when looking at internships; even more-so with a career. 

Get active. A 2019 study by the Cleveland Clinic suggest that not exercising could be as bad as smoking for your health. 

Heart disease. The leading cause of death in the United States and the world. AHA seeks to reduce the prevalence of heart disease through their work.

Interest. You’ll be much more engaged in internships that you’re interested in. 

Journaling. Over the next few months, I’ll be journaling my experiences at the AHA through this blog. Be sure to come back every once and a while to see new content!

Kindness. Approach your internship with smile and always be welcoming of people. A kind, open demeanor will get you much further than being unapproachable. 

Lack. You may lack the skills now, but practice them, refine them, and perfect them. You’ll only grow through pushing yourself into unfamiliar territory.

Me. Incorporate “Me Time” into your schedule. As mentioned before, a healthy work-life balance is essential, which includes being able to take care of yourself.

Nobel Prize. The AHA has funded 13 Nobel Prize winners over the years. 

Open-mindedness is important when going into an internship. Embrace the new and daunting experiences and never back down.

Passion. Find your passion and act on it. It will be much more liberating to pursue your passions than being stuck all summer with an internship you aren’t looking forward to. 

Quest. This internship will advance my professional development over the next 3 months, and hopefully yours will do the same.

Research what companies are compatible with your mission, and then act on it.

Stroke. Another leading cause of death. Stroke has much to do with the heart and blood as it does the brain. The AHA and its divisions, the American Stroke Association and National Stroke Association, hope to end stroke.

Transform. Whatever you do, seek to transform people’s lives for the better through whatever means you can imagine. 

Us. You’ll be working with a team and collaborating endlessly. Utilize the resources and strengths that your team members bring to the table.

Vanity. It’s okay to be proud of your accomplishments, but don’t be vain. Be humble in victory. Be gracious in defeat.

Why? Question what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Reflection on your work can help you understand the broader objectives and promote professional growth.

X-Rays. Doctors are able to analyze your blood vessels with angiograms – x-rays that can detect a contrast agent (dye) running through your bloodstream to provide a detailed look at your vascular system.

YES! The word of the day and every day after that.

Zero. The amount of complaints you’ll hear from me!