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Which Job Offer Should I Accept?

This blog post was written by Peer Career Ambassador, Julian Parra ‘20.

Throughout the semester, you checked off all the boxes on your career development to-do list: went to CCD to refine your resume and LinkedIn profile, reached out to alumni, applied to the positions you wanted, prepared for your interview, and you made good impressions on the recruiters and interviewers. You received multiple job offers!

Congratulations! You should be incredibly proud of yourself, as not everyone has the privilege of getting to choose between multiple companies to work for. However, this decision can be stressful. How do you know which is the “right” decision?

First, understand the basics and logistics of each offer. How will I be getting to work each day and how long will my commute be? How does compensation compare across the different offers? If the opportunity does not seem feasible from a fundamental standpoint, this may create issues for you from the get-go.

Will this position give me the skills necessary to grow the way I want to? If you received an offer from a marketing firm even though you are looking to work in finance in the near future, accepting that first offer right away would probably not help you develop as a finance professional. We recommend analyzing the offers you have at hand and reflecting on which projects you would be a part of or what tasks you would work on that aligns more with what you enjoy doing the most. If you are unsure of what your day to day activities would be at this internship or job, reach out to your recruiter or others who previously have had the same internship you were offered. These individuals can provide valuable advice during this critical process. If you are also thinking of moving from one place to another over the next few years, look into whether the company is willing to relocate you.

Moreover, ask yourself, how has this company treated me during the recruitment process? If the company has been unprofessional to you by being unresponsive, unorganized, or missing phone calls with you, these behaviors may be indicators for how the company or management would act during your time working there. On the contrary, if the company has been actively reaching out to you, ensuring that the recruitment process is moving smoothly, and is transparent, these are definitely positive qualities to consider when ultimately making your decision.

Do I fit in with the company culture? Following up with how the company has treated you so far, reflect on your previous interactions with current employees. Can I see myself working with them for an extended period of time? If you find yourself naturally connecting with the employees and having similar values to the company over other companies, this can help make the decision a little bit easier.

Finally, what is my gut telling me? Although difficult, if something about a certain job offer feels wrong, then you probably shouldn’t take it. Whether it’s the recruiter you’ve been in contact with or worries about your commute, make the decision that feels right to you. Even though other people’s feedback can help you gather more information or help you see a situation differently, remember that it is ultimately your decision.

Keeping these questions in mind can help you think about the different offers you have at hand from different perspectives. If you are thinking of asking for extensions or how to decline other offers, click here to read more on the appropriate ways to do so. Be sure to reach out to CCD if you have additional questions or concerns regarding job offers or any career development questions you may have for that matter!