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This blog post was written by Peer Career Ambassador, Luke Martiros (’21)


The semester is coming to an end and I cannot believe how fast it has gone. It felt like just a few days ago that I was back on campus for the start of my Sophomore year. While time has gone by in the blink of an eye, I also adopted a strategy this semester that allowed me to slow everything down: breathing. Slowing down for a few minutes will allow you to reflect on everything you have been through, everything you have to do, and what you are looking forward to. Personally, taking 10-15 minutes to meditate and think every day has been instrumental to my success as a Sophomore, especially as undergo the onerous work in MAC and TOM. When you take the time to think about what you have learned in your classes this semester, you will realize much more than you would expect; your like or dislike of a subject, whether you formed a relationship with your professor or not, your level of struggle with the material, your interest in that subject as a career field, and whether or not you like 8 am’s. All of these thoughts can have a huge influence on your life. While it is important to consider the past, reflecting on the now is equally important. Take a second to think about how you feel. Do you feel tired? Sick? Hungry? Eager to learn? Overwhelmed? Sad? Happy? While this may seem obvious many Babson students move at a frenetic pace and ignore how they feel to keep up with the arduous demands of academics, college life, and personal issues. By listening to your feelings you can make daily adjustments that will have a beneficial long-term effect. For example, if you’re hungry and tired, like most college students, try to go to bed 2-3 hours earlier than you normally would that night, and eat breakfast the next morning too. Small adjustments that every student can make is all it takes to impact your entire week. The last part about breathing and its impact is the throughout-provoking experience it provides for your future. Take time to think about your career path-who you want to work with, in what industry, and in what location.


While it may seem like an overwhelming feeling to analyze your feelings of the past, present, and future, taking a deep breath allows you to do just that. It slows down time and gives your mind the time it needs to wander. So, as you are focused on winter internships, seeing family, or traveling over winter break, take 10 minutes to take a deep breath and think. It can be about anything and everything you want. You will be amazed by how influential those 10 minutes can be.


Best regards,


Luke Martiros