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Starting a PCA Role

This blog post was written by Peer Career Ambassador, Alex Martiros (’21)

As a new Peer Career Ambassador at the Undergraduate Center for Career Development at Babson, I’m trying to both fulfill the role in order to help better my peers, and also learn everything there is to know about this new job, and how it can aid in my own growth. Being a Peer Career Ambassador is a huge responsibility, in the sense that you’re working with other students at Babson to better themselves for a potential job or internship, things that can make or break careers and student’s futures. I’ve been lucky enough to have co-workers and staff in the office help me and walk me through what I’m meant to do and how I can help others work on improving what they can bring to an interview or job application. This includes anything from a resume and cover letter, to the presentation of the person applying.

Peer Career Ambassadors do a lot of other tasks besides helping people create and edit resumes and cover letters, although that is one of the most important parts of our job. We also create and host events for the student body, lots of which involve employers and aiding in students interacting with the corporate and entrepreneurial “real world”. These include events like the Career Fair, Career 101, and the Etiquette Dinner. Helping out at, as well as getting to experience these events can shape what you think you want to do with the rest of your career and your future, and they’re not only super informative, but they’re effective and genuinely make students feel empowered about their futures.

This is what I’ve gotten thus far about being a Peer Career Ambassador. Helping students and educating them on the workforce is so valuable for both us and them, and I can’t wait to continue working and learning as much as I can while in such a unique position on campus.


Alex Martiros