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Networking Over Thanksgiving Break

This blog post was written by Peer Career Ambassador, Pranjal Joshi (’19)

Even though Thanksgiving is a great break from campus, academics and other responsibilities, it’s not a break from networking. It’s often that networking is done only when someone is looking for a job or an internship. This Thanksgiving why not send cards to the important people in your professional life? Here’s are some steps you can follow:

  1. Make a list (check it twice):

Think of all the people who have guided you professionally in the past. This could be professors, internship supervisors, mentors, recruiters, etc. However, cap your list at a realistic number because you don’t want to be overwhelmed during break.


  1. Start writing:

It’s up to you if you want to send a card or an email, but make it appropriate for the occasion.

If you decide to write an email, remember the four S’s: Short, sweet, simple and specific. Mention a particular piece of their advice that was helpful to you and let them know that you are thankful for it. Do not overwhelm them with a long story, everything can be said in 2-3 sentences.


  1. Hit that send button!

A small email like this can go a long way. Even though the person receiving the email may not be in the office that day or you may not get a reply, sending an email will add extra points for you.

What else can you do over a 10-day break?


Develop your skills!

Well, if you have sent your Thanks and still want to be productive, why not learn something new? This can be as simple as learning a language to learning graphic design and coding. There are thousands of links you can use, and of course leverage your free subscription of Lynda.com too!


Find yourself:

Thanksgiving is a great time to re-strategize your job/internship search. If you are having trouble finding time for the search, utilize your break as you won’t be distracted by meetings and homework. Ask your family for help, because getting an outsider’s point of view is very beneficial. Creating a easy-to-follow plan can really make the whole internship/job search process less stressful.


Last but not least: Enjoy your break and relax!