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One Step Ahead: Designing Your Own Business Card

This blog post was written by Peer Career Ambassador, Sydney Huang (’20).

You’ve heard it over and over: make sure you have a personal brand! This could mean anywhere from knowing your personal pitch to being mindful on how you are portraying yourself on social media. However, if you really want to make an impression, hand that recruiter/investor/ you-name-it your business card. Here are some tips on what to include on your business card.

    1. Your name. This should be self explanatory but make sure your name is bold and visible.
    2. Your contact information. Email, phone number, and LinkedIn profiles are suggested. Since you are first and foremost a student, include your education information (school name and major/concentration)! If you have a personal website, portfolio, or blog, include the link to that as well.
    3. Class year. If a recruiter sees your business card, it is important for them to know what year you are so they are able to send you relevant information.
    4. Keep in mind the industry. Just like your resume, your business card should be reflective of the industry you are interested in. For more conservative industries (such as finance and accounting), keep the business card clean, simple, and concise. If you want to go into a more creative industry (such as marketing), use your business card as a chance to show off your work. Some statistics to keep in mind: People are 10 times more likely to hold onto a colored business card than a standard white business card!

Want to learn more? Come to our event this Thursday 11/8/2018 from 6:30pm-8:00pm at the Park Manor West Amphitheater! We will be talking about business cards do’s and don’ts, business card etiquette, and we will even have Adobe Ambassadors there to lead a workshop on how to design your own business card using Illustrator! More information and RSVP on the event page.