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5 Reasons to engage with CCD

This blog post was written by Peer Career Ambassador, Disha Sethi (’20).

Center for Career Development offers so many beneficial events and resources that are customized for each class year. Here are some reasons why you should engage with CCD:

1.      Explore your interests

Do you have to know the specific job title and the specific industry you want to work in? NO! In fact, it is totally okay to not know what you are looking for. CCD is here to help you reflect on your strengths, skills, and passions and guide you in discovering the career paths fit for you.

2.     Get a professional look at your resumes and cover letters

There are many advisers in the CCD office who specialize in different industries and can help you clean up your resume and cover letter and provide some up-to-date tips on how to perfect it and make it more appealing. Peer Career Ambassadors also host drop in hours from 2-4 PM Monday to Friday to assist you and provide you with advice. We are trained to help craft your resume and cover letter, so take advantage of the office by coming during these hours or booking appointments with advisers.

  1.    Opportunities to meet recruiters from various companies

Every year, CCD hosts multiple career fairs and networking spotlights based on different industries. This is a great opportunity to meet recruiters from companies you are looking to apply to or learn more about the industry. Even if you don’t know which industry interests you, this is a great way to build relationships with employers early on in your career.

  1. Get familiarized with Handshake and come one step closer to your career

Handshake offers information about the latest events, internships and job postings as well as a range of networking opportunities. This platform can be accessed through the Babson Hub. CCD helps you navigate through this resource to find opportunities that are a good fit for you.

  1.   Practice elevator pitches and interviews

Have you never given an elevator pitch before? Are you terrified of interviews because you don’t know what to expect? Fear not, CCD is here! CCD hosts mock interviews and you can work on your elevator pitch with advisers or PCAs. These resources will help you be prepared and confident for your next networking event or internship/job interviews. You will be given feedback which can help you improve and practice again.


Remember, it’s not luck, it’s CCD!