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How Law is Related to Business Management I

It may seem very irrelevant for a business student to work for a civil law enforcement agency. Law and business are actually related as law plays as a regulator in a business, which helps to structure the management system and set certain punishments within a company.

As a legal intern working for anti-discrimination law, I have seen many cases on how employees think they are being discriminated against by their employers. However, less than 20% of the cases filed in our agency result in a finding that shows there is probable cause that discrimination does occur. The rest of the cases are all concluded with a result of “lack of probable cause,” meaning that there is no clear evidence showing that the employers discriminate against the complainants. Nevertheless, the bad treatments these complainants have received did occur. It is just that they do not count as real discrimination after our agency’s investigation.

So, for these 80% of cases, what caused these employees’ complain about their employers? The answers lay in their business management. I am going to list a few causes of why employees want to sue their employers in my next post.