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Painting a Mural for downtown Albany

This week began a new project organized by Albany Center Gallery: a huge mural on a highway ramp in downtown Albany, NY. The mural depicts a bright scene of music and dancing. The creation of the mural is being led by a local artist, Liz Zunon.

After clocking out of my other job to come to my internship, I went back and forth between the gallery and the mural site daily with my fellow employees and interns. We worked on the mural alongside the artist, squeezing the rollers against the wall in bright blue, green and purple. We would spread the paint for a couple of hours before retiring. I’d stop next door for a guest roast, before keeping up on some administrative tasks in the air-conditioned gallery. Not only did helping create a scene for the city feel rewarding; these days of going between responsibilities were lessons in balance and focus.