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Wrapping Up

As the summer comes to an end, so does my internship with Saraswati Imports. I want to reflect on the summer and what I have learned from this overall work experience. There were a lot of little things that I learned that did not necessarily have to do with my job. This summer I was living out in Amherst, MA and commuting to the Berkshires which was about an hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and half. From this I have learned patience and how to entertain myself and enjoy my own presence. As I worked throughout the summer, I learned the value in teamwork and how important a positive work environment is to an outcome of a project. Being able to communicate well with other people allows a better connection and forms more trust through that connection.

As I mentioned in a post before, I worked with two other interns with completely different backgrounds than myself. We learned a lot from each other that did not necessarily have to do with the job. For example, I learned a lot about family from one of the interns who had a very close immediate and extended family. My family is not very close so it was very interesting to hear her family dynamic and how she has grown from it. The other intern I worked with was very similar to my personality and I was able to talk to her about things that I didn’t think other people thought about too. Our dynamic as a team not only allowed us to thrive in the work we were doing, but I believe it also made us personally more invested with each other which made the work so much more enjoyable.

It has been a really great experience to see Saraswati Shop start from completely nothing to having launched the official website and see the following grow. It just might be a little weird now since my face is on the website, but hey – maybe it will help. Overall, this summer has provided me with the amazing opportunity to be a part of this company and build the skills I had as well as learn a plethora of new ones. Going forward, I will still be collaborating with Saraswati Imports to create more content for social media throughout the school year.