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The Internship is Over, Now What?

Last week I finished my internship at Deloitte Israel where I had an incredible experience. The people I met, the places I went, and the work I did was so amazing I could have never imagined it. But now that I am not going to work every day at 8:30 and I am about to board a flight for Denmark to begin my study abroad, I am already thinking about next summer.

Although the internship might be over, everyone you worked with is still there…. Still working…. They will remember you, and it is vital you keep in contact. I know that for myself, keeping in touch with my mentor and coworkers might be hard, but is so worth it. These are the people you will come to before next summer, and the summer after that. They will be the ones to answer any questions you have about career paths. The connections you made and the people you met and the experience you had are why we do it all.

I would say if you haven’t already, make sure to ask for a letter of recommendation. It is never too late to ask, and the early you do, the better. This conversation can also include questions about next summer, again, it is never too early to start. Even if you aren’t thinking about going back to the same company, these people will be the ones to help connect you with the community in a broader sense and many time will work to help you find the right fit somewhere else.

Whether it is a phone call every few weeks or liking a post on LinkedIn, it is import to keep in touch with your ever-growing network. You never know who will be the one to make the connection which will change your life forever.