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The Final Stretch

During my finance internship, I was given the opportunity to work with the managing director of the payroll department. While working under her, I gained valuable, corporate working experience. Over the past two months, I obtained experience with company metrics and excel, and I was given tasks that required me to perform data analysis, in which I gave useful feedback to the analysts. Occasionally, I would help analysts with administrative work, handling Employment Verification documents. Moreover, the work experience, group work, department meetings, mentorship, and long hours have kept me engaged and occupied this summer.
My favorite part about this internship was presenting my work to the rest of the department. I delivered weekly presentations based on the work that I completed, and I gained the reputation of an “insightful” thinker. My weekly presentations consisted of at least five presentations on matters such as overpayment, data analysis, and website development. I have learned that communicative skills are essential for executing a well thought out presentation.
The Payroll department culture was mostly serious and hardworking, and the employees had a low tolerance for excuses. In addition, professionalism was expected, and it was important that I completed my work in a timely manner. It was also very important that my work was easy to read and comprehend. The insight I gained for my profession of interest during my internship experience is invaluable.