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The End of an Era

In my last blog post, I want to summarize what I’ve done over the last 3 to 4 months. This summer, I’ve had to hustle. I’ve had two internships, a private equity internship, and a finance and accounting internship.

At Register Financial, I was an investment banking analyst; I completed tasks such as company valuations, strategic analysis on private placements across middle market sectors, industry research, and PowerPoint presentations for live business launchings.

During my second internship this summer, as a finance analyst at Randstad Holding, I produced company metrics, prepared verification of employment documents, built company spreadsheets and graphs, and documented results in PowerPoint.

Upon completion of my internship experience, I have developed leadership skills, improved my time management, and gained a plentiful amount of corporate experience. Some key takeaways and insights from my internships include keeping a strong mind, keeping a positive attitude, accept constructive criticism, and listen well.