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Summer 2019 Recruiting Update: Interview Preparation

This is month 4 of a 5-month summer checklist to prepare students for early 2019 recruiting deadlines. See April and May  and June for more tips.

While an interview can feel incredibly intimidating, it’s important to remember that interviews are two-sided. The employer has the opportunity to evaluate your technical skills and knowledge, along with your fit within the organization’s culture, your communication skills and professionalism; and you have the chance to get to know prospective future co-workers and determine if the company is aligned with your values, goals, and interests.

Interviewing is a skill, and like most skills, you can improve with practice and preparation. Begin by reviewing the different types of interviews, which vary by industry and company (make sure you are logged into the HUB before accessing the links below):

Interview Types:

Behavioral Interviews

Case Interviews

Technical Interviews

Even if you don’t have an interview scheduled, practice now!


Mock interview with CCD Adviser or industry contact

Utilize practice questions and record yourself using Career Beam

In addition, review the resources below to help you anticipate interview questions:

Interview Preparation Resources:


Career Beam

Vault Career Insider

Other students/alum who have interviewed/worked at the company (ask CCD for help connecting!)

New to interviewing? Watch the video below: