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Failing(?) an internship

My internship is coming to an end and I am sad to say that I fail it. Not with grades, for it is not FME. In real life and in this case, failing means that I could not achieve a goal I set to myself.

In the case of the internship, my goal was to implement the whole program I was working on. At the beginning, things were going well: budget was enough, so I could build everything needed. As the time went on, however, the real life ETA hit me. Things that I was not expecting initially starting coming up. Suddenly, new problems arose and surprisingly the budget that was more than enough became too little. Deadlines kept coming on and out of nowhere one delayed thing delayed everything. Bureaucracy appeared and taught me that signatures can be a pain in the neck. Several travels from different people in the company pushed discussions and made communication an issue. At the end of the month, what I thougt I could make became an impossible to overcome challenge.

And this is fine.

No one is expecting too much from a 2 month period. My supervisor saw my hardwork and, for him, that was more than enough. I did not finish my project, but set the path for them to finish it soon.

Personally, what I really take are the lessons. Failure is nothing compared to everything I learned over the time there. For sure, new chances will keep coming and success is right across the corner.