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Three Key Takeaways

As I continue to move through my last two weeks of the internship, I want to reflect on three key ideas that I learned throughout this internship and that I will take with me back to college and my young professional career.

  1. How to deal with pressure – This internship highlighted how decisions that we make under pressure are often the decisions that define who we are professionally and can even define who we are personally. This pressure can be external, as well as internal, but how we react to these pressure can make a huge difference. Pressures can impact our performance so how we respond to them is very important
  2. Working with different people – Playing various sports all my life, I have learned how to work on a team and work with different people. However, working in a work environment with people for a much shorter time is different than playing on a team with people you know and trust. While I definitely used some of the skills I have learned from playing softball, I developed new ones this summer. I learned how to be comfortable and deal with problems that arose with people I have just started working with.
  3. The importance of asking questions – Before this summer, if I had a question, I would probably just try to figure it out myself. Sometime during this summer, I found out the importance of asking questions. If I ever had a doubt of how to complete a project or task, I found that asking my supervisor for guidance turned out a lot better than trying to figure it out myself.

These three things are all important to being a successful coworker and employee and I enjoyed developing this skills under the Philadelphia Phillies.