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Professional Network

Although I have thoroughly enjoyed my summer internship thus far, I am still not completely convinced that sports is the industry that I want to work in. It is a challenging industry to succeed in and there is a lot of competition within. While talking with Mr. Buck (from my last blog post), did help me understand that I do not have to have it all figured out now, being at Babson there is a high focus on knowing what you want to do next. So while I did not learn exactly what I want to do or if this is the right industry for me, I did learn the importance of creating a professional network.

I have a little less than two weeks on the job left and I have done a good job of expanding my network. I leave this internship with three contacts and three scheduled phone calls for when I get back to school. I believe that all of these people would be very helpful in the internship search for next summer if that is the path I choose. I have connected with my three supervisors and I hope to keep communication open with them over the early years of my professional career. I have learned the importance of connecting with anyone you can because you never know what opportunities the future may hold.