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The Virtue of Pivoting in Business

As time goes on, you learn more and more bout your business and the markets needs. That’s exactly what we realized. There is a market for convenience, no doubt about it. But for rental? We aren’t all that sure anymore. The majority of our customers love the service we offer, and even ask to buy the clothing off of us once they have worn it once. Rental is a way to expose people to new brands, such as Lulu, Outdoor Voices, Rhone, Myles, etc. Other than working and sleeping, we spend most of our time working out. Hitting up the gym before work, decompressing after work with a spin or boxing class, for example. So why not create a service where athletes can rent out their own clothing so to speak.

That idea is what sparked Routinely 2.0. We realized that everyone was looking for convenience, but some were hesitant about the rental side. We understand. Our idea is this. NYC is a small, and somewhat tough place to live in space wise. My workout stuff takes up a whole other dresser in my room, which is a luxury most living in the city don’t have. Instead of you holding on to your belongings, and dragging them to and from work, leave it with us in a locker. We will take care of the refurbish and delivery. All you need to do is tell us where and when you’d like your things to be delivered.

The decision to switch the focus of the business was difficult. We had to speak with investors to make sure that they were on board, and quickly switch up the plans we had for the upcoming few months to make sure we could reach our new goals. But, I think we will be successful. The market is interested, and the convenience factor is there. Now it’s just hard work, and talking to as many people as possible to get advice, help, and the business afloat.