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Slow Beginning, Fast Ending

For the first few weeks, I have not done any heavy work that kept me busy for the whole day. However, last week was the first week that I felt like I was actually busy. All of the sudden, my team members were assigning me more tasks. At the beginning, my co-workers were teaching me how to perform all the different tasks that they wanted me to do. Because of my inexperience with a lot of the technology used in FRT, the teaching time was crucial and much needed.

Now that the ending is approaching, and I wish I was not super concerned about not being able to perform actual tasks at the beginning of the internship. It is important to check yourself and remind yourself the purpose behind doing an internship in the first place. For example, internships are more than just doing tasks for your team. It is about figuring out what you like and don’t like. It is knowing the team dynamics that you like, learning about professionalism, receiving feed back, and building your resume.

Remembering the bigger picture is a great way to check yourself when things aren’t going like you imagined. I love the work that I do now because I took the time to learn how to perform it.