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Preparing for the Future

Worrying about the future often prompts preparing for it.

At MassChallenge, the staff is constantly helping us prepare for the future. Last week, a long time MassChallenge employee gave a presentation, at an intern meeting, about salary negotiation. Salary negotiation is a topic most job seekers, including myself, find daunting. The presenter addressed then and proceeded to lay out a plan to over come the mental block of negotiating for a better salary. First, she stated the fact that employers expect candidates to negotiate salary when they make the candidate an offer. Next, she talked about entering the negotiation with hard facts and numbers and not feelings. Lastly, she touched on knowing your personal value and creating your own value pitch.

I felt this step could, also, translate to my internship search. I need to know how to pitch myself to companies to get the offer that will best set me up for the career I want to pursue.