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Networking While Interning

Networking is a crucial element in developing your professional life. As you intern this summer, take into account that although you might be designated to a specific team and usually stick with that team for the summer, there can be a vast amount of other people that you can get to know if your firm is of size. This networking can serve you both now and especially in the future when lookin for other jobs. How do you network in the office you ask? Well, here are 3 methods to connecting with other employees at your firm and beyond:

  • Find Their Passion/Interests: Everyone likes to talk about things they are passionate about. With this, the only way to discover your coworkers interests is by asking questions. Ask simple questions and let them keep talking. This will have them like talking with you and connect the two of you together.
  • Admire Their Work: Ask your coworker about their work and how it connects to your job. Learn what motivates them to do their work. Ask how they found the firm and arrived to their position. Lastly, compliment them on a certain element of their work. This will strengthen the bond even more.
  • Hang Out Outside of Work: Chemistry is important both in the office and out. As well, when you connect with someone outside the office it can benefit how you work inside and make work way more fun. Organize a little group event where you and some coworkers go to the movies, a game, restaurant, etc. This will put an even more positive memory of you on your coworkers which will serve you later on.

Thanks for reading! Hope this is useful!