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Connecting the Dots

Since I only work closely with one of the many teams that FRT has, it is difficult to comprehend everything that FRT does. However, it is up to the intern to seek that knowledge through different ways. These are couple of things that I did over the last few weeks that has helped to understand what FRT does.

Taking advantage of lunch hour: During each lunch hour, I would try to sit down with a different team and ask them questions about their roles. This has really helped with connecting the dots and seeing the connections between the work that each team does. For example, the data analyst team collects the data on every client before my team files the claim.

Attending Meetings: I attend all meetings even if my team is not obligated to go. I have gained a lot of knowledge about the company through these meetings. For example, FRT just had their second Quarter overview last week, and the whole company met for an hour. The CEO led the meeting and discussed about the some of FRT’s overall successes, projects to come, and areas that to improvement. Before this meeting, I had bits of pieces that I was gathering from each of the different teams that I had the chance to chat with. However, this meeting really helped connect the bits of information that I have gathered so far.

If you really want to learn and make the most out of your internship, I would highly encourage talking to the people that you work with and always ask questions.