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Babson Alumni: Truly Entrepreneurs of All Kinds

This summer, I am working as a part-time intern with Babson College Marketing, focusing mostly on marketing content through Babson’s various networks. One of my duties is to do research and update profiles of current students and alumni in Babson’s Entrepreneurs of All Kinds database.

It has been fascinating to see the wide array of jobs and industries Babson alumni work in and how far-reaching Babson’s network is. My research has also given insight into the career trends of Babson alumni and shown which industries are most frequented by Babson students.

According to Babson’s own Career Outcomes data for the class of 2017, a majority of Babson alumni work in the financial services and technology industries (22% each).  I found this to be true through my profile research; the majority of alumni I searched listed themselves as some type of analyst, with the most frequent titles being financial and business development analysts. Babson students also work at a mix of established firms and startups, which illustrates the many paths an entrepreneurial career can take.

Some of the notable companies who have employed several Babson students in recent years include the online furniture company Wayfair, online retail giant Amazon, and social media behemoth Facebook. Recent Babson alumni also have strong connections to esteemed financial services firms, including PwC, EY, Deutsche Bank, and Fidelity Investments.

Although Babson alumni can be found at many major companies, I also came across a number of people who had created and run their own company. As the number one school for entrepreneurship education in the country, it is not surprising that Babson graduates often utilize the ET&A framework to make their own unique stamp on the world outside of the College.

Overall, this aspect of my internship has been an incredibly insightful experience, especially for someone who is still unsure what they ultimately want to go into after Babson. The most unique job that I came across was a Babson alumnus who went on to become a mediator in the Alabama Judicial Court system. This experience has illustrated to me that the process of earning a Babson degree prepares graduates to enter the business world, in whatever way appeals to them the most.