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Working With Other Interns

This summer has been all about collaboration and teamwork. As mentioned in my other posts, I’ve been working closely with two other interns this summer in preparing to launch our company’s eCommerce site. We are all the same year and age but all coming from different schools with completely different backgrounds. One is a finance and fashion major (Rachel) and the other is a communications and fashion major (Keelin), while I have a business and engineering background. Working with them has been a great experience. We have been able to use all our combined skills to build on each other’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s only a plus that we all get along so well and have quickly become friends.

Working together in this internship is very different from working on a team project at Babson. The primary difference being that we are not all the same major, but also that we have never met or even seen each other before now. We each have a unique perspective on how to do things based on what we are taught at our respective schools. We have all taught and learned from each other which has built our teamwork skills. At Babson, working on a team means that we are in the same class learning the same thing as we go. Whereas working in this internship, we take whatever we have learned at put them into action. We are all working on the same end goal but we aren’t competing for the best grade.

As we are wrapping up our internship, Rachel, Keelin and I have realized how well we work as a team. We all have a specific role that helps the others out. We all went to a trade show a week ago and were supposed to split up and do our own research on jewelry trends for the upcoming year. Somehow we all ended up gravitating towards each other until we were all going booth to booth together. We starting to get a lot more out of the research working together. One of us could talk to the owner of the company and ask about their strategies while the other two can looked around at their jewelry and how they package and market them. We are all potentially continuing this internship through the school year and are excited to collaborate while at school.