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Spirit in The Workplace!

Last week I had the opportunity to be rotated to the Agency Public Relations team. The goal of PR is to work externally with our clients media presence and public image, while internally to maintain our company culture and positive internal atmosphere. Last week I worked on internal company chemistry, and contributed to the companies summer spirit week.

The PR team realized that spending most of our time indoors, at work during the summer, could get pretty boring and repetitive and could hinder productivity in the work place. They set out to get people moving and having fun while at work. This spirit week was designed with all employees in mind to highlight those with creative sides or even to get people out of their comfort zones and moving.

Day one was college pride day which was then highlighted with a Hawaiian luau with a complete transformation of the main lobby with vibrant flowers and Hawaiian music and then wrapped up with a wine and cheese celebration to encourage mixing and socializing.

This week was fun filled and had great participation and positive responses. This participation lead to conversation starters which was the PR team’s general intention and goal. In short their internal goal was to develop and increase the company collaboration and rapports with all employees!

I enjoyed working with the PR agency and getting a glimpse into what some of their internal work looked like. It was a memorable experience assisting with something that looked like a simple week of events from the outside, but instead was exposed to the nitty gritty aspects of planning, leading and carrying out events.