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Methods to Staying Fit While Working in an Office

Exercising is great not just to stay fit, but to also relax and destress. With 40+ hour work weeks, staying fit might become a challenge for us from time to time. in addition, if your office doesn’t have an in-house fitness center, it is easy for the summer to knock you out of shape. Below are some tips to stay fit while you are currently interning. Furthermore, this can be applied to our post-college professional lives, as well.

Watch your diet: By simply being more conscious of what we eat and executing a healthier diet, that is the first path to staying fit. This goes not just for our three standard meals, but for snacks as well. Try subbing out that bag of chips for an apple or a banana!

Get a gym pass: if your office doesn’t have a gym, most local gyms have a less expensive summer pass. Better yet, some gyms have partnerships with nearby employers and universities that will give you an even bigger bang for your buck. Try allocating at least 30 minutes to an hour a day to hitting the weights to stay lean for the summer.

Walk as much as possible: Walking is a great way to burn some extra calories, especially if you are working a desk job. Try to walk during your lunch break. If you drive to work, try parking at a bit of a distance to push you to walk more. As well, try swapping out escalators for stairs.

Drinks lots of water: Drinking lots of water is known to not only help clear up skin and keep us hydrated, but it accelerates our metabolism and can suppress our appetites helping you not eat impulsively. As they say, 8 glasses a day keeps the doctor away!

Hope this helps. Good luck!