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Team Bonding at Work

Another day at work? There is no such thing in the world of startups, especially at MassChallenge, where I work as a startup services intern. This Friday, June 13th, the startup services team decided to get out of the MassChallenge HQ and go out for some team bonding. We loaded up into several cars and drove to Archery Games a few minutes outside of Boston. Once there we received our safety briefing and were let to have fun shooting foam tipped arrows at each other. I, along with the rest of my team, had a blast. It being the end of my first week at MassChallenge, the event really helped me with learning my teammates’ names and build report with them; whether through calling them out after I hit them with an arrow or developing a strategy to beat our co-works on the opposite team.

Team bonding is a large part of the FME curriculum at Babson for better or worse. I thought it was a great experience being able to tie back my FME experience to this MassChallenge outing. I remembered all the time our professors told us that fun can make a team strong.