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A Glimpse into my Workday

Whenever I discuss my internship at MainStreet Hammonton with others, they often ask what I do there. My response always contains a myriad of answers, as I have a wide variety of responsibilities at my job. Before beginning back in May, I had some sort of idea of what I’d be doing each day, but my list of experiences continues to grow. Finally, I thought it’d be good to pinpoint a project that I’m working on to show to others.

In the beginning of June, I was tasked with serving as the vendor and special events chair at the 6th annual Hammonton Peach Party. Before coming to MainStreet, my supervisor would take control of this role, but I’m glad to take this position off of her shoulders. With the festival quickly approaching on July 28th, I adjusted to finding food and craft vendors, processing paperwork, and figuring out logistics of the contests and events of the day.

This was my first experience in event planning; the only practice I had before this would be assisting in planning for club happenings during high school and college, but never was I considered one of the main coordinators. Here at MainStreet, I’m the first point of contact for our vendors and must ensure that all of the required paperwork is completed and approved. Meanwhile, I’m also asked to find printers and misting tents, write press releases, and pass out posters. I’m happy to help in any way, even with the small stuff– I know it makes a big difference!