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Opportunity Everywhere

New York or ‘The City that Never Sleeps’ is a great place for opportunity and young professionals looking to enter the business realms and grow. I had a chance to make friends with a WG corporate intern and learn how opportunity was accepted and made into a million dollar company.

WG, like GHG, is a branch of WPP group (headquartered in Europe) that specializes in healthcare marketing, advertising and consulting. We share a couple floors in our GHG NYC headquarter building to promote and encourage collaboration. When WG first arrived in New York City it was one woman who was here for about 3 months working on client related activities. She noticed the work ethic of those in NYC and all the opportunities throughout the whole city and decided to extend her stay for 9 months. After 9 months, she knew it was too short of a time, and pitched to the WG headquarters in Europe that the market for health care consulting was just to huge and untapped to not take advantage of.

With that being said, this woman who started with a single desk and 3 months, has made a name for WG within the healthcare consulting field and has turned WG-US into a 20+ person company. Recruiting people from the European headquarters and people from within GHG, she was able to keep her European-WG roots while still adapting to the American market and healthcare culture.

WG has had many achievements seizing new opportunity. One of the company’s biggest achievements (in my opinion) was landing Janseen Pharmaceuticals’s, Johnson and Johnson’s pharmaceutical branch, as a client.

Without the tireless work ethic and determination by this woman, WG-US would’ve just been a 3-month desk!

WG’s website: http://wg-group.com/work/