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Read, read and read!

I started working on a FinTech a few weeks ago. My work is here is focused on the development of a micro credit program for the company. Throughout my time here, I already visited in loco several cities and different places in the country. Yes, hours and hours travelling. Yes, I am usually bored on such trips. However, instead of doing nothing, I found a great way to spare time: books.

And all types of books. Short ones, long ones. Sometimes, more than one at the same time. It’s funny how a book about airplanes crashing opened my eyes to the importance of credit analysis operations in the company. A book about soil taught me the importance of rural micro credit.

This internship has shown me the importance of “worthless books.” Those books that seem to add nothing to you, but that can show you a different way to approach a regular problem. In summary, if I can suggest anything to the reader, I would say: read no matter what.