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Back From Abroad and Onto the Real World

This past spring I studied abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland. After a semester of traveling, eating amazing food, and meeting lifelong friends, I was fully onboard the I love abroad bandwagon. By the end of the semester I wasn’t ready to give up my freedom and friendships, but my internship start date was drawing near. So I flew back to my home in NYC for two days, and then drove up to Boston to immediately start my internship.

While I’m glad I got to stay in Edinburgh for as long as possible, having such a short transition from living abroad to working in Boston has been strange. A couple months ago I was living with unlimited freedom, limited responsibility, and endless travel. Now I’m working 40+ hour weeks, trying to recover my bank account, and counting down the days until I can sleep in again. While the transition can be tricky, there are things I’ve been doing to enjoy my abroad memories without getting so sentimental that it negatively impacts my summer.

The first thing I did was think about what my favorite parts of abroad were. A couple things that stood out for me were food, culture, and friends. I loved the adventure behind trying different cuisines in different countries. To try to hold onto those memories, I’ve been making an effort to try new food places in Boston. This has helped me get to know the city better, and continued to open my eyes to new foods. Next, I’m trying to find new ways to keep the arts fresh in my mind. While it was much easier to museum hop abroad, putting the little effort into reading, watching a documentary, or even seeing a show in Boston has helped me feel like I’m not neglecting my liberal arts interests just because I’m working in a corporate setting. Finally, I’ve making extra effort to stay in touch with my abroad friends. Even if we never see each other again, we have experienced so much together had built such strong relationships that I hope we can continue for years to come.

It may sounds simple, but taking the time to recognize how big the transition post abroad is, and trying to incorporate the best parts of your experiences with your current day to day life can help lessen the blow. So eat some good food, listen to some classical music, and talk to your abroad friends. Time will fly by, and next thing you know you’ll be hoping back on a plane to start you next adventure.