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The Yes Intern!

The movie Yes Man depicts the kind of attitude one should affront an internship with since the start. For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, Yes Man is the story of a negative man who is challenged to say “yes” to anything that crosses his path. This challenge leads him to many different adventures, which eventually lead to his happiness. As an intern you should adopt this same motto towards your job, say yes to everything.

Many times you start out an internship with certain expectations of what your job will be. Sometimes you find yourself doing tasks that do not fit the description or are viewed as non-challenging. Whatever the situation, it is important that you always approach it with a “Yes!” attitude. No matter how small a task, how unimportant a job may seem to you, always be positive to what your supervisor assigns you. This is extremely important because it sets out the tone for the rest of your internship. By acquiring the “Yes!” motto you will display an attitude of hard work and determination; supervisors and companies love individuals who are willing to work hard no matter what the task is. Sometimes companies need people to do the smaller jobs to move a project along, it is great if you can be that individual.

An employee’s attitude towards work is one of the most important things. If you keep saying “yes” to different tasks and situations, your supervisor will start assigning you with more important work. This may sound far-fetched but I have put this theory to the test my last two internships and I am applying it now to this one, so far it has been a success. Besides displaying a great work ethic, I have learned that no matter how small the job you will learn something from it. You will either be more proficient in excel, increase your efficiency, learn how to be a master photocopier, etc. All the things you do will give you some kind of return. Hard work will pay off through new skills, a return offer or a stellar recommendation letter. Come on, start being a Yes Intern!