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Ways to Save Money While At Summer Internships

College students are not known to be the most wealthy demographic. While we strive at school to save our money, summer internships (particularly those that are unpaid) should not be treated any differently. If anything, we should be more conscious. Below are some tricks to help stretch that last dollar from the beginning of the summer to the end.

Student Discounts: A variety of firms provide discounts for currently enrolled college students. This can span from normal retail stores to restaurants. gyms, movies, and more.

Public Transportation: Driving from place-to-place can pile up your gas money expenses. If working in the city, look for public transportation options such as train and bus. Public transportation will benefit your wallet in the long-run and be less of a hassle. Another idea is to look into carpooling with coworkers and biking.

Food: Trying packing your own lunch and bringing it to the office. After all, restaurants need to make a profit too and in high-traffic areas like cities, food expenses can stack extremely high. A sandwich or something comparable is a great option.

Coffee: DRINK THE OFFICE COFFEE. It is there for a reason. Starbucks is great but take advantage of the caffeine that your firm has for it’s employees. This switch can save you $60 a month ($3 coffee x 20 week days in a month).

Rent: Try living with friends or coworkers to help split the rent/lease. As well, check out university housing options close to your work to save even more.

Hope it helps!