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Intern Life in Istanbul

Hello everone! My name is Gizem. I am currently interning in 3SEAS Caital Partners, an investment bank in Istanbul. Its main business is mergers and acquisitions. This is my first experience in this field. That’s why, when I first started, I was little nervous about what to expect from this internship.

It has been 3 weeks and I am very happy and satisfied with everything I am doing in here. I would never have believed that there existed an internship program in Turkey that gives you a real life work experience. People working in my department were very welcoming and helpful. This is not one of those internships that you just print stuff for people. They actually teach me the job and give me tasks. I also realized the importance of understanding in what way and how you contribute to the company. Before giving me tasks, everyone in the office explains what the task will benefit to the project in general. I think this is very beneficial for me to see that the work I am doing is actually adding value to the company. Until this year, investment banking was not one of my career options. Before doing this internship, I just wanted to gain an experience in the field. However, I realized that mergers and acquisitions can be a good career start for me after graduation as well.