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Hong Kong Work Environment

Over the course of this internship I’ve discovered how Hong Kong developed its reputation for having a fast-paced, innovative business culture. I was apprehensive of just how I was going to fit in here in that regard. What became clear however, is that this city is by no means a closed circuit. Regardless of your age or experience, your ideas are valued if you put in the leg work. Once you have those ideas and are ready to put them into motion, Hong Kong is designed to let ideas blossom. I can’t say it hasn’t been a bit of a culture shock and not simply because it’s one of the biggest cities in Asia and my first time on the continent. I’ve also just never lived in a city that works quite like it; cramped and stressful, yet spacious and serene if you venture a few miles out of the central business district. My naivety also meant I thought there would be some issues with the language barrier, but in the workplace I have encountered no obstacles, and outside of the office I find myself understood even if it takes a few tries.

It has been a very smooth transition and I have really enjoyed the work environment and the people. I have never traveled to a place where people are so considerate of others. Not only in the office are people so willing to help, but people in public are so friendly. On the MTR (subway) people are constantly moving to the side to let others, who are in a hurry, go by. When I first arrived I wondered why some people wore face masks in public. I learned that the reason for this was because they were sick and did not want to spread their illness to others. I am very grateful that people are this considerate and it has really certainly helped me acclimate to this environment.

In addition to being considerate, the people I have encountered have shown to be very motivated. My colleagues in the office are very fun to be around but also know when its time to work and are very focused on their job. This drive in my colleagues has helped motivate me and keep me focused in my internship.