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Bird’s Eye View of Albany Center

For the last few weeks, I’ve been witnessing how Albany Center Gallery functions as a resource for artists and a servant of the local community. In fact, it feels as if a path has been shown to me, and I’ve been given a means by which to show my own art publicly. My desire to grow as an artist is, of course, separate from my career as a businessperson and my day to day tasks as an intern at ACG. But I realized it was a resource for me as an artist, too; this realization culminated through my internship work tracking other artist’s submissions, applying for grants to host a community event, and hanging the work of other local artists at ACG’s outdoor gallery for Albany’s annual Art on Lark festival.

From my daytime work as an intern, I’ve learned about the member exhibits, art rental services, and artist promotion that I now have access to through my employer. In the evenings, I have been working on an inkwash drawing that will hopefully hang on the gallery walls in August. I will also be helping to install that exhibit over a two week time period, advertising the exhibit on our website, and helping plan logistics for the exhibit opening party. My internship so far has offered a 360 degree perspective of Upstate New York’s art scene.