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Hit Them Angles

One of the primary roles I have been doing in my internship is conducting a social media campaign. My team and I have been primarily using Instagram and Facebook as platforms. We started from scratch and had to create a branding strategy as well as creating a target market and target persona. It was actually a lot of fun because I got to apply a lot of the things that I learned in class to create this strategy. We also started with zero content to post so we all became amateur photographers and modelled some of the jewelry.

This past week, as I mentioned in my last blog, was our big photoshoot. We had a professional photographer take photos of the jewelry that the other interns and I modelled. It was really difficult getting everything together, though. We created mood boards to get a concise vision of what we want our style to look like. We also went thrift shopping to try and find boho style clothing and looked into our own closets for inspiration. We then had to go through all the jewelry and find what outfits went together with what pieces. We then had to narrow the collection down so we would have enough time to shoot the pieces we really wanted.

Photo shoot day came and it looked like it was going to storm but we went out anyways. We had to do outfit changes in our boss’s car because the location was mostly in the woods. We all took some pictures with our phones before the photographer came. It was a lot of fun but really awkward because I am far from a model and kept laughing in front of the camera. Totally okay though because I’m sure we can crop my face out because it’s all about the jewelry. It never ended up raining and we got a lot of good shots with the wind.

This week we are getting together an album for future posts and taking some more photos later. The other interns and I had the excellent idea of taking photos of some of the jewelry with ice cream cones and convinced our boss it would be cute for the Instagram (which it is), so we are going out for ice cream later for another mini photo shoot. Ice cream at work is a great day.