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Tips to move from Interview to Offer

Congratulations on making it to the interview stage of the process.  That means hiring managers are liking the skills and qualities you’ve shared in your application documents (resume, cover letter, transcript, online assessment, writing sample, etc).  If you are continuing to get the interviews but not the job offer, let’s consider some of the reasons below and see if you can move from interview to job!

At this stage of the game, we want you to re-assess your interview skills so that you can make adjustments and get the job offer on the next one!

  • Reflect on Past Interviews: Study your behavior in your previous interviews.  How are you coming across to your interviewer? A couple of key things to think about: are you conveying your interest in a genuine way, are you ensuring that all of your answers reflect the skills that the company is seeking for that position, are you bringing to life your experiences with each answer?  Take time to look back at how you have been answering the interview questions and start making some changes. One of the best ways to get immediate feedback on your answers is to schedule a mock interview. This can be with a family member, friend, career adviser, mentor, etc. Let someone else hear your answers and give you constructive feedback – listen to the feedback, make the changes.
  • Interviewer doesn’t get to know you. It is extremely important during interviews that you be yourself.  Many times, the final round interviews are a chance for the leaders of an organization to determine whether or not you would be the right fit. Make sure that you have a solid understanding of the company, the culture and values of the organization. If you are truly passionate about the opportunity and the company – make sure that comes through in the interview conversation.  Be authentic and genuine – do not sound rehearsed.
  • Are you applying to the right jobs for you?  You could be doing everything right in the interviews and still not getting the job offer.  Take a look at the job description and make sure that you are qualified for the position and highlighting those qualifications during the interview.  Review your resume and ask yourself, “What examples can I bring to the interview that showcase I have the skills needed for this role”.  Make sure that you do your research on the company culture and environment.  Engage with alumni / family & friends that work at the company to have information conversations with prior to the interview.  It will help you to have a solid understanding of the culture before the interview day.  


  • It is a competitive market. Have patience – continue to job search, build your network and practice your interview skills.  

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