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Round Two

This summer I will be a returning intern at ALKU. After working at ALKU last summer I realized that recruiting was something I loved to do, so I went back for another summer. This year I am placed in the Epic Division, working with a startup is much different than working with a pre-established industry (such as Pharmaceuticals – which is where I was last year). Regardless of the division, the overall job still comes with its challenges – dealing with people being rude, hanging up on you, and no one answering at all. Yet, overcoming these challenges and being on the phone with someone who is genuinely appreciative of the work you do makes it all worth it. Specifically working with the new division of Epic has its own challenges. Working in the Epic division for about a week now I already see multiple differences than my work habits of when I was in pharmaceuticals. For instance, the job orders are extremely fluctuant and there could be weeks where you are working on the same job all week, weeks where you have a full job board, and weeks where you have no jobs at all. But that is the challenge of a startup. Based on these differences I was able to create a new set of goals for myself.

The ultimate goal that I have for the end of the summer is to get a full time offer for a recruiting position at ALKU. However, in order to achieve that ultimate goal I have set smaller goals to help pave that path for me. My first goal is to ensure that I hit my metrics that the company has set every full week I am there. This will help make sure that I am hitting my numbers, staying on track, and show me that I am asking the right questions while I am on the phone. This is also a challenge because with Epic, you never really know if there will be enough job orders to keep calling and to hit the metrics, but it is my goal to hit them regardless of the amount of jobs on the board. My second goal for the summer is to have two send outs to a job order. This means that I want to have at least two of my consultants go for an interview for a project I am working on. This goal helps me work towards my third goal for the summer of being able to place a consultant on a project. The goals I have created are based off the skills I learned from my past year at ALKU and carry with me to my new start at ALKU. All in all, I am excited to kick things off again in Epic and get working on my goals.